Feb 14, 2018

Diving into the comic book business

I'm pleased to announce that soon you'll get a chance to enjoy the story of Bill Ryder as you've never see him before.


or Graphic Novel for those of you too "cool" to read comic books. Whatever floats your boat.

ISSUE 1 - A PARTY TO DIE FOR - is coming soon to, Comixology, and Print

Bill Ryder has a blind date with destiny in the form of a voluptuous piece of eye-candy he meets on the subway. It’s an opportunity too good to be true, but too awesome for him to pass up. Pity, because he’s about to bite off far more than he can chew.

Now, he finds himself trapped, surrounded by monsters, and with no pulse. He's about to realize that being a vampire doesn't mean much when you're still at the bottom of the food chain. 

Q: So you're in the comic book business now?
A: I guess so. Funny ole' world we live in, ain't it?

Q: How many issues can we expect?
A: TBD. A lot depends on the level of interest. If people are into it, then expect it to go on for as long as it can. If not, then consider this a cool collector's item.

Q: Are these going to be the novels retold in graphic format?
A: Initially ... at the very least Bill's origin story will be. My hope, however, is for this series to eventually encompass both - retellings of The Tome of Bill novels, as well as new adventures. As I said above, a lot depends on interest.

Q: Who's the team behind the scenes, because we know you can't draw for shit.
A: Quite true. Bill The Vampire issue 1 includes artwork by Antwon McNair and lettering by Percival Constantine.

Q: Hey! Bill / Sally / James / whoever, doesn't look like how I imagined they would.
A: Sorry about that. Consider it artist license. Well, that, and you can at least rest safe in the knowledge that I'm not busy rooting around in your thoughts.

Q: Yeah, really funny, smart guy. So how about at least a sneak peak.
A: Ask and ye shall receive. Click on the image to the right for a larger sneak peak.

Available for digital pre-order now from


Unknown said...

Diversification is a viable strategy with any investment. Love it!

Unknown said...

So will there be another tomb of Bill book or is the last coven it?

Rick G said...

The Tome of Bill is over / finished.

A sequel series ... that's another issue entirely. :D

Unknown said...

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