Oct 12, 2011

Ren Faire: Part 2

Ren Faire: a Tale From the Tome of Bill

Rule of Three Blogfest
Prompt: Someone is killed or almost killed
Word count: 592

Part 1: Bill


Part 2: Tom

“Where are you going, Bill? I asked as my sun-averse friend suddenly veered towards the boarded up storefront we were passing.

“Come on. Let’s see what she wants.” he replied, heading towards the oddly open doorway of the dilapidated structure.

She?” asked Ed.

“Yeah yeah, I’m hurrying.” Bill complained as he stepped inside.

“Maybe his mask’s on too tight.” I commented, following.

I found him standing in the middle of an empty room. Judging from the dust on the shelves, this shithole had been closed for some time. However, my more immediate concern was the conversation Bill was having with thin air.

“I’m pretty sure this is breaking and entering.” Ed stated as he joined us.

“It’s cool.” replied Bill as he pulled off his hood. “Kymara owns this place.”

“A Chimera owns this...” I started to ask when the door suddenly swung shut behind us. Ok, that was a little weird. But still, after learning that one’s best friend has been turned into a vampire, one tends to up their tolerances of the strange and unusual.

Bill responded with, “No, stupid. Kymara, with a K.” as if that answered anything. “This is her store.” He then addressed the space next to him, “Kymara, these are my friends.”

This of course prompted Ed to ask, “Who the fuck are you talking to?”

“Lack of pussy has finally driven him over the edge.” I noted.

Bill looked at us as if we were morons. “I’m talking to her.” he said, pointing towards nothing.

“Yeah, definite pussy deprivation.” I stated. “There’s nobody else here, dude.”

“Don’t be assholes. Of course...” Bill stopped and again turned towards the nothingness. “What? No shit!?” He blinked a few times and then addressed us. “She says she’s a ghost.”

“A ghost.” Ed repeated. “Well ok then.” he replied with dubious tone.

Bill paused again and then added. “She says that I can see her because I’m already half in her world. The whole being dead thing, I guess.”

“Makes as much sense as anything.” commented Ed with a shrug. “So what does this...”

“Is she hot?” I interrupted.


“Is the ghost hot?” I repeated.

“Well yeah, I guess.” Bill replied. “Except for...”

“Except for what?”

“Nevermind.” he finished.

“Dibs!” I proclaimed.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Ed asked me.

“I’m calling dibs.”

“You’re calling dibs on a ghost?”

“Sure. I’d do a ghost.” I answered.

“You worry me, dude.” responded Ed.

“Oh come on. It’d be great!” I explained. “You wouldn’t need a condom. No chance of getting a disease. And then when morning comes...*poof*...they vanish into the ether. It’s like the perfect woman.”

There was a momentary pause as they no doubt pondered my genius, and then Bill started walking around the counter. I heard him say, “Yeah, he’s always like that. Sorry.” as he disappeared into the back.

Ed and I shared a glance and then he called out to Bill, “And you’re going where exactly?”

“The mines.” he yelled back. “She needs our help to...OH FUCK!!”

There was the sound of wood snapping and then a loud crash. I started in that direction, but Ed put his hand on my shoulder to stop me. Before I could protest, he activated the screen of his phone to light the way.

Good thing he did. As we followed, we found a large hole in the rotting floorboards. I didn’t know how far it went, but in the meager light I couldn’t see the bottom.

“Bill, are you okay?” I called down into the darkness.

To Be Continued...


Kurt Hartwig said...

WHY would you disparage the gender of someone you can't even see? These boys do not seem to burn with the brightest of lights. Which makes them terrific fun to read.

Li said...

OK. That was pretty funny. The whole "is she hot?" thing in particular. :-))

Li said...

Oh, and could you post your word count please?

Rick G said...

Certainly. 592, I'll update the post with it.

J.C. Martin said...

Been by to have a read – sorry I can’t say too much while judging!


Anonymous said...

"Is she hot?"-gotta love the roomies :)
Very cool, can't wait for next the installment!!!

dolorah said...

Loving it :) I read the first one too. Bill is too cool. His friends are awesome.

I think I know some guys like Tom :)

You really know how to up the stakes and leave a reader panting for more.


Colleen said...

Hilarious dialogue, great story! I can't wait to find out what she needs their help to...OH FUCK! do.

Sylvia said...

I so love the dialogue in this story :)

Wonder what she needs help with!

Rick G said...

"Leave a reader panting for more" I like that. Makes me want to switch genres and start writing erotica. :)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments, all!

TD Tessier said...

Great characterization and well crafted story. A fun read.

Misha Gerrick said...

LOL I laughed out of my stomach at this. ^_^

Your story is definitely one of my favorites.

Golden Eagle said...

Went back to read the first part before I read the second--I have to say I really like your story!

Deniz Bevan said...

ha ha ha! "is she hot" [giggle]
can't wait for next week!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the fun continues. I thought it was interesting that you covered this part from the POV of someone who can't see Kymara - and I'm also wondering what the 'Except for...' is about!

Calling dibs on a hot ghost is a little out there. I mean, Tom can't even see her himself. What if there's a way to see and touch her, but that means that he's going to die within a day? Idiot like him, probably wouldn't even ask about the catch until it's too late. ;)

Barbara V. Evers said...

I love that Tom called dibs on a ghost he can't even see. How exactly does that work? Er, never mind. I don't really want to know. So, I'm wondering about the detail about her appearance that Bill didn't share.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Keep going! Gotta read the rest. :D

Anonymous said...

Bye bye, Bill.