Aug 6, 2011

HP: bad Touch or Padding my wallet?

Back to the tech stuff for a post or two...

Various news outlets reported yesterday that HP's new WebOS tablet, the Touchpad, was going to be discounted this weekend. The kicker: up to a $200 discount at Staples. The kicker #2: this thing came out something like a month ago. That's freaking insane! I'm strictly in the Ipad camp and I'm tempted to go out and get one at that price. Hell, even if I use it for a footrest during the week and play frisbee with it during the weekends that's not such a bad deal.

So my question for this would be: is this desperation on the part of HP because sales have been poor and they have no faith in the Palm acquired WebOS, or is this brilliant marketing on the part of HP to give these things an insane sales boost and make them a player in the field? I guess time will tell.

All I know is that if I had purchased one at full price when they came out (one month ago!) I'd be pissed off in ways they don't even have names for yet.

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