Aug 9, 2011

Final Teaser for Scary Dead Things

An excerpt from Scary Dead Things
The Tome of Bill Book 2
Coming Soon!

There's nothing like a cool refreshing breeze on a Fall night. Crisp and carrying just a hint of the winter weather ahead, but still pleasant enough to be outside in and enjoy. I've never been much of an outdoors type, anyone with eyes could see that by my pasty white skin. However, this time of year was nice. No bugs, no sweating, just nice and comfortable. I wouldn't mind staying here for a while.

Speaking of which, where the fuck was I anyway?

My head started to clear and with it my vision. I looked around. It was still night. That was good, otherwise my enjoying of the breeze would've been quickly cut off by all the burning and screaming. That tended to put a damper on the old day trips as of late. Judging by the lightening of the horizon it was the wee hours of the morning, maybe an hour or so until daybreak. Still plenty of time to get indoors. Hey, I could actually see the horizon. Come to think of it the view was actually pretty damn nice.

I tried to stand, wobbled a bit and realized why. I was standing on the top of some building. Judging from what I could see, I was at least twenty stories up, maybe more. Odd that I didn't remember stepping out for some pre-dawn stargazing.

There was a slight groan from a bit off the side. Considering the pitch, I wondered if maybe I hadn't brought some female companionship along with me. I walked over, still a little wobbly, and looked down to see Sally.

Awwww, she looked like she was asleep.

And covered in blood.

And with her right arm ending in a stump.

Oh shit!

The memories of the past...however long ago that was, started to filter into my mind, snapping me out of my daze.

“Oh god, Sally. Please don't be dead!” I thought as I knelt down beside her. Well ok, she's already dead, but I mean really really dead. I reached down and put my hand on her throat to feel for a pulse. After about ten seconds of that I mentally slapped myself upside the head. Vampires don't have pulses, regardless of their condition.

Ok, need to think this through. Remember your boy scout training, stupid! Oh yeah, I was a boy scout for all of two weeks before I got bored with it. Come on, what does one do when somebody's hand gets cut off by trained vampire assassins? Ok, pretty sure I didn't read about that one on WebMD. I got it, a tourniquet!

I started to pull off my belt so as to staunch Sally's bleeding stump, when I realized it wasn't doing so any longer. What had been a geyser of blood just a....however long ago, was now nothing. That wasn't good. No blood meant...No! Best not to think of that.

I looked closer, the stump wasn't bleeding because it appeared that it had started to scab over. Her arm was at least partially trying to heal itself. Corpses didn't usually do that. Maybe there was hope. Besides, didn't she just groan? Or was that the wind? Only one way to find out.

I thus did the only thing I could think of. If Sally were truly gone, it's not like it would have made things worse, so I turned her head to face towards me and gave her a hard slap across the face.

"SALLY, WAKE UP!" (please!)

Nothing. Ok maybe I shouldn't hit her hard enough to knock her brains out. I tried it again, slightly softer, but still enough to leave a handprint on her face. That time I got a groan in response. Yes! She was still in there somewhere.

"Come on, Sally! You can do it. Those fuckers can't take you down that easily!" I said as I again felt wetness welling up in my eyes. She started to come around. Her eyes were still closed, but I could see her trying to mouth something. I leaned in closer.

"Say that again. I didn't hear you."

A hoarse whisper met my ear, "Hit me again and I'll gut you."


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