Feb 16, 2015

Tales of a Midlist Author - the saga begins

It's been a while since I last darkened your computer doorstep.  Fortunately it hasn't been time spent idly...well, mostly.

I'm hard at work on the next book in The Tome of Bill series, The Wicked Dead. The audiobook for Half A Prayer is well underway, once again being voiced by the awesome Chris Fetherolf. I've also been working on a new series of video blogs aimed at helping novice writers.

I've been fortunate in my writing. While I may not be driving around in a sold gold Pagani Huayra (yet!), I've been lucky enough to have found an awesome audience.  I am, right now, what one might call a mid-lister - typically a writer who has attained a decent following and is able to do quite alright for themselves through a combination of quality and quantity in their writing (as opposed to one big blowout hit). All in all, it's not a bad place to be in this business and for that I am extremely grateful.

That being said, I've also tried to learn what I can along the way - even if it was mostly through my own mistakes. While there are no guarantees in this industry - one person's path to success might yield nothing for the next - my hope is to pass on some of these learnings so as to give a little guidance and perhaps help those who are just starting out to avoid a few of the landmines along the way.


The first couple of installments are up on YouTube at the link above. My hope is to add at least one new installment per week on different topics of interest...that and also work on my shifty-eyed, sputtering screen presence a bit.  :)

Here's the first chapter to either whet your appetite or ensure you never ever want to hear me speak in person again...


Janie Junebug said...

Well, Mr. Fancy Pants, I just killed a palmetto bug and flushed it down the toilet. Match that.


Rick G said...

I for one would never argue with someone who has removed one more flying roach from this world. I salute you, master bug killer.

Janie Junebug said...

Thank you. I enjoy being honored and appreciated for my mad palmetto bug killing skills.

Brian Switzer said...

Thanks for this. Too many people out there that are advising new independent authors are people who couldn't sell their own writing and are desperately looking for a new gig.

I look forward to the next video.

Rick G said...

Thanks Brian!