Nov 15, 2011

I'm not dead yet

I realize that I've been a little remiss on keeping this blog as current as I should. Truth be told I feel quite inadequate compared to some of the voracious bloggers out there. Forget a few times a week, or even once a day, I see some out there who update their blog with a frequency that I can barely maintain on Facebook or even Twitter.

Well ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on that last one. Still, I can't help but feel a bit bad about the fact that I maybe update things a few times a month a best. However, please do not take that as evidence of my creative laziness. Actually the opposite is true. I find I only get so much time per day to devote to writing. Thus I prefer to cram as much of that time as is humanly possible into both writing and/or editing whatever book I am currently working on (that would be Bigfoot Hunters as of the time of this post).

I also tend to like to save my blog time for when I have something to say, preferably something that hasn't been said already by a million other people. After all there are plenty enough posts out there on "why I write", "how I promote my writing", and "what motivates me as a writer" etc etc.

That being said, I do plan on being a little more diligent on updating things as we move into the holiday season. Soon enough I'll start posting samples from my work in progress. In addition to that I'm looking into a few "interviews" with the various characters from my existing books as well as maybe a short story or two to keep you warm during the yuletide months. In short, don't fret. I'm not giving up on all of you. You may not come here and find "My 6 AM post", "My 6:45 AM post", or "My 7:27 AM thoughts on trying to write before I have my coffee" but rest assured I'm not going away anytime soon. Whether that's a promise or a threat will remain to be seen.


Anonymous said...

"I see some out there who update their blog with a frequency that I can barely maintain on Facebook or even Twitter." Truth be told? I've unfollowed some blogs because they post more than once a day. There are a few writing blogs that I will still follow despite this multiple posts per day thing, but that just gets overwhelming. I follow close to 300 blogs, and if you post 3-4 every day, I don't have time for it, you know? Unless there's a specific reason for the extra post, I only do M-F once per day. Except during NaNo for some reason. Not this weekend, though. or the next.

Corinne O said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I try for 3-4 times per week, and sometimes I struggle with it. Like Joshua, I follow so many blogs that if they are blogging multiple times a day, they will likely lose me unless there is something uber fab going on.

Rick G said...

Wow, Joshua, 300 blogs. That beats me by a good stretch. Forget writing, where do you find the time to read that many? :)

Laura Renegar said...

I wish I had written this post. Well said, Rick. As a writer, manuscripts are to cupcakes as blogging is to sprinkles. Stay focused, and work on that Squatch book. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, keep in mind that not all of them post daily. And some either don't require commenting or don't allow commenting. Still, there are about 60-75 posts waiting for me every morning, and another 50 throughout the day. Also, I read really fast.

Anna Tan said...

I struggle to write a post a week, unless I'm participating in a blogfest (expectations spur me) or something really exciting happens.

It's okay. There are seasons.
Looking forward to your samples :)

Rick G said...


Thanks! I appreciate it. Yep, I try to make it my priority to get another book on the shelf. Fortunately this Squatch (an interesting choice of words since it features prominently in the book) book is almost done. :)


Still 100+ posts a day and I'm sure some of them are long. Sheesh. :)


Agreed on the blogfest thing. Those are special occasions and as such warrant extra effort. I would never sign up for one unless I was sure I could see it through.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I decided to blog a lot this year, now my W.I.P. has suffered. It's hard for me to do both.

Oh and that book sounds AWESOME-- "Bigfoot Hunters." I really like the title ;)

Rick G said...

Same here, Elisabeth. Some things I can multitask at, others not so well. I can usually only read one book at a time. Ditto with writing. Maybe when I have a few more books on the shelf I'll take a break and bring the old blog up to speed. For now though, getting those books out there is top of my to-do list. :)

Anonymous said...

Proof you have a life, while I, er, waste time ... sigh.