Jun 8, 2017

What's YOUR Tome of Bill Vampire Name?

So, you want to be "recruited" into Village Coven so you can hang with Bill, Sally, and all of their friends?  Well, there's two problems.

1) You're alive.
2) You need a cool coven name.

Assuming some vampire decides to take pity on your blood-filled self and relieve you of that first part, you still gotta work on number 2.

But, fortunately for you, here's your handy dandy guide to solving that dilemma for all of eternity.


incey wincey said...

RL name gives me Tit Stalker (early Bills best friend maybe) is FB name...Fungus Pussy...could see Tom calling an en ex that lol...thanks for the giggles Rick x

Nancy Clark said...

I'm "Black Sunset" which is pretty cool! My mate has the unfortunate moniker "Shit Sunset" too bad for him ;D ha ha!

C.K. Sunset said...

All kneel before Cock.... Cock Sunset. Thank goodness for vampiric healing or I would need a new Rx for little blue pills.

52KID said...
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john carlos said...

Do you wish to become a vampire? email: ( )

Elias Alkono said...

I got Fuck Tard. What luck.

lee weaver said...

I have you all beat with... wait for it. Twat Pussy!