Jun 7, 2011

How about just watching the movie you paid to see?

Reblogged from a link from gizmodo, comes this story. I love this. In this day and age we all know how important customer service is. However, having been there myself a few times, I can attest that the customer is not always right. This is especially true if accommodating one individual's inappropriateness comes at the cost of harming the whole. In other words, I love that this company not only sticks to its guns with regards to their policy, but isn't afraid to throw it back in your face if you feel entitled to violate it (and annoy the rest of the theater). Kudos to them, and here's hoping that the 'victim' of this maybe has a moment of introspection down the line and realizes the wrongness of their attitude. I doubt it'll happen, but one can always hope.

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